Tips for Making Your Resort’s Website Effective

If you own a resort, you likely have noticed that the vast majority of your customers want to book online rather than call you up and talk about times when they could book rooms. This means that you are going to have to have a working website that will attract potential guests and allow them to look at what rooms are available during their preferred times and then book the rooms. Here are some tips for making sure that your website is effective.

1. Test It on Someone New

Your first step is to have someone who did not work on the website directly test it to make sure that it isn't confusing and that the booking works. Have a different employee do this every time you make any major change to your website. The employee should not have a background in using computers professionally; this will allow them to better simulate your average customer. Have a list of steps that you want this employee to test. First, make sure that the employee is able to navigate to the room-booking page without any outside assistance in order to ensure that all guests will be able to do so. Then, have a variety of dates and room types that you want the employee to search for and book. This will allow you to check to make sure that the site is in working order and that the rooms that are available are truly available and show you that the room-tracking is working and that the employee is able to do everything with relative ease. 

2. Keep It Simple

The main thing that you want to do is ensure that your website is easy to use. Have a menu button that compartmentalizes all of the navigation tabs that you might need on your website, and have that menu button easy to see. Stick to one, high-quality photo of guests having a great time at your resort per page. You don't wan to overwhelm anyone who might be using your site with too many pictures because that might make it harder for them to navigate.

3. Have All Forms of Communication Information on the Bottom of Each Page

Finally, have all forms of communication, including phone, email, and fax information on the bottom of each page as a footer. This will allow any customer who might get frustrated to call you directly or contact you in a way that is easier for him or her. This will prevent you from losing the sale and will keep the customer from getting too frustrated.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in resort-website development.